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    Cummins construction engine 6CT


    Displacement 8.3L
    Bore 114mm
    Stroke 135mm
    Cylinders 6
    Technical Specification
    Aspiration Turbocharged
    & Aftercooled
    Pump Type PB
    Governor RSV
    Weight Dry 637kg
    Instant inertia of rotational part (Without flywheel) 0.37kg.m2
    Center Of gravity Distance From Front End Of Cylinder Body 427mm
    Center Of Gravity Distance Above Crank Centre Line 163mm
    Performance Data
    Rated Power 108kW/1900r/min
    Peak Torque 674N.m/1400r/min
    Engine Model Advertised Power/Speed(kW/r/min) Peak Torque/Speed(N.m/r/min) Idle Speed(r/min) Max.Noload Governed Speed(r/min) Aspiration
    6CTA8.3-C145 108/1900 674/1400     Turbocharged
    & Aftercooled
    6CTA8.3-C175 128/1850 820/1100      
    6CTA8.3-C180 134/2000 837/1400      
    6CTA8.3-C195 145/1900 820/1500      
    6CTA8.3-C215 160/2200 908/1500      
    6CTA8.3-C215H 160/2200 908/1500      
    6CTA8.3-C230 172/2200 1000/1500     Turbocharged
    & Aftercooled
    6CTA8.3-C240 179/2200 1028/1500     Turbocharged
    & Aftercooled